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Gluten free options are becoming a business necessity. This can pose a challenge: The ever-growing number of people who cannot or chose not to eat gluten want the same food options as everyone—delicious and nutritious breads, pizza crusts, cookies and cakes. R.W. Bakers opened a dedicated gluten free facility in 2010, and today we make a wide range of excellent gluten free items there.

We want to be the best gluten free bakery manufacturer in the nation, and so we test our environment continuously, ensuring standards far more rigorous than present US and Canadian certifications require. Our gluten free bakery is also certified Kosher, peanut and dairy free. In addition to our existing product line, we can mirror your traditional products for side by side sale.

Thoughtful packaging for you and your guest

We package gluten free items with safety and convenience in mind. You can order full loafs or cases of sealed 2-slice packages. This packaging gives diners peace of mind that their bread stays truly gluten free. It also ensures you always have even numbers and no wasted ends. We offer flat breads and pizza crust in aluminum pans, making them easy to identify and minimizing potential gluten contamination from your cook pans.

We are gluten free experts, and we’ll share that expertise with you.

We are gluten free experts, and we’ll share that expertise with you.

The above video, produced for the Public Broadcast System, illustrates the challenges facing consumers who need or choose a gluten-free lifestyle and our commitment to helping overcome them without compromising taste and quality.


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