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We have the capacity, equipment, and processes to take on any volume, development, or production challenge. Creating a diverse and extensive product line has given us the expertise and imagination to help you build a custom product or critical baked ingredient for your own manufacturing process. Just as important as our capability is our willingness to use it on your behalf. We routinely work with customers to develop innovative products that are unique to their industry and set them apart from their competition.

Our customers are often surprised by the time and energy we put into their business. Many consider us their baked goods consultant, offering our ideas to help them improve their business. Our master bakers and skilled consultants can match breads with meals the same way a sommelier matches wine with food. If there is a missing element in your baked goods, or a way you can operate more cost effectively with a superior product, we’ll share our expertise with you.


We look forward to a conversation about your needs.

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