A custom bakery manufacturer with a difference

R.W. Bakers delights in developing and producing high-quality baked products. When Richard Lindrup and Walter Grzybowski founded R.W. Bakers in 2002, their goal was to become a commercial bakery with the corner bakery’s ability to create new and better products for its customers. Today, R.W. Bakers operates a 100,000 square-foot batch-baking facility in Muskegon, Michigan. Our staff of production bakers serves local and national distributors, retailers, and restaurant chains with homemade style products that are consistent in size, shape, and quality. We are also co-manufacturing and packaging partners to several of the most recognizable names in the industry. In 2015, we made the historic decision to become part of EPI Breads, one of America’s most innovative custom bakeries. We’re still the same R.W. Bakers — only now, with more of the capabilities, opportunities, and goodness our customers have come to appreciate.

At the new R.W. Baker’s, we still do what it takes for our customers to thrive, and we’ve taken bold steps to ensure this continues—like opening a gluten-free facility that meets or exceeds all requirements for United States and Canadian gluten free designations. When it comes to versatility, we still go the extra mile, and then some. While most manufacturers produce just a few items, we make more than 600. Why so many? It’s because our customers want a variety of breads, rolls, and baked goods that address their needs. Those needs can be numerous, complex, and dynamic.

Founded in 1985, EPI is a proven leader in customizing breads for national restaurant chains and private label breads for major grocers and retailers. Like R.W. Bakers, EPI takes care of its customers and people. We do a lot of the same things. What we do differently complements and fits each other’s needs in remarkable ways.